You've probably heard the rumor. The one about Avril Lavigne being replaced by a lookalike sometime in the early 2000s? Or the one where Coca-Cola can dissolve your bones and teeth? Let's set the record straight- these are all proven false, yet the rumors persist. Similarly, the recent rumors about Chili's need to be examined with a critical eye.

There have been other rumors lately about Chili's. Viral social media posts and misleading headlines have sparked concerns around the Treasure Valley that a popular Boise State Pre-Game hotspot is closing along with several other Chili's restaurants nationwide.

It all started when we heard reports of Chili's locations in other states closing without warning to the public or their employees. Since 2023, around 20 stores have closed, leaving Chili's with more than 1500 locations nationwide.

Chili's corporate management says closing some locations is a routine business decision. Typically, companies that operate in many locations decide that closing an underperforming store is the best option financially.

While many people on social media have taken the opportunity to talk about how Chili's is underperforming, the company says otherwise. They have reported sales growth of over 3% during the current quarter compared to last year. That may not all be because of an increase in traffic as much as a slight increase in prices since then.

Driving past Chili's on Broadway during peak dining hours makes it clear that the Broadway location doesn't have much to worry about. Stop in before a BSU Football game, and it's even more apparent that Chili's isn't leaving the Boise restaurant scene anytime soon.

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