Why are so many of us afraid of snakes?

Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, is more common than most realize. Ingrained in those suffering from the condition, scientists are still unsure where it stems from.

Is it an evolutionary issue? A fear that's been passed from one generation to the next? On one hand, it makes sense that our ancestors were weary of the slithery creatures for survival purposes, but that wouldn't make sense today.

Snakes get a bad rap in pop culture. They're typically typecast as the bad guys in movies, TV shows, books, and folklore. And in the case of Idaho snakes, that's not always fair.

We get it: their sudden, sweeping movements are eerie, and their silent means of conveyance can be pretty unnerving, too.

Even for people who aren't clinically diagnosed with ophidiophobia, all of these factors amount to a general sense of uneasiness around snakes. So it's up to us to learn the difference between the friends and the foes.

Get to know your local snakes!

Familiarizing yourself with the snakes in your region can be an empowering experience, especially if you're an avid outdoorsman or woman in the Pacific Northwest.

Not all snakes are deadly. The ability to sort the friendlies from the unfriendlies can help you stay calm when encountering one.

Learning the basics, like where they dwell, what they look like, their diet, and the conditions in which they're most active can be immensely liberating when camping, hiking, or exploring Idaho's great outdoors.

Learn the do's and don'ts of snake encounters.

Space! The absolute best thing anyone can do when encountering a snake is give it lots of space. Contrary to the popular, misinformed beliefs many of us hold about snakes, these creatures are avoidant in nature. Even the deadliest of their kind prefer to avoid confrontations with humans.

Whatever you do, don't touch!

Unless you prefer to learn lessons through painful trials and errors, don't touch, poke, or prod a snake, even if it appears to be dead. Certain species are notorious for playing dead as a defense and hunting mechanism.

Like you would with any stranger you encounter on the street, remaining calm and respecting boundaries goes a long way in preventing violent encounters. Idaho is home to the 12 snakes in the gallery below. While we admit most do have an eerie, unnerving look about them, only two are deadly.

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Idaho Has 12 Scary-Looking Snakes, But Only 2 are Deadly

If you're ready to face your fear of snakes, we're ready to help!

We're starting small by helping you understand three key facts about each snake in the gallery below: what they look like; whether they're venomous or not; and where they're found in the Gem State.

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> and most, if not all of them, were just lonely, h*rny singles looking for a one-night stand who wound up as single parents

Cut 'em some slack, people 🙄

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8 Idaho Animals & Insects Actually Hold Funerals

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