Beautiful Idaho winery and vineyard costs less than homes in Boise...

Well, some homes in Boise anyway haha. This beautiful winery and vineyard in Lewiston, Idaho, Lindsay Creek Vineyards, is only listed at $2,690,000.

It feels weird saying "only," because that's a lot! Like who just has $2.7 million dollars laying around? But you'd be surprised, and there are literally multiple homes and estates listed for more than that in the Boise area right now — more than this incredible vineyard — and that blows our minds.

Keep scrolling for photos of the Lindsay Creek Vineyards and Velma Morrison’s $4.9M Estate in Boise 👇

According to the Hoyte Group Real Estate listing, “Lindsay Creek Vineyards was established in 2007 and offers a 15,422-square-foot production facility sitting on 22.42-acres of land with half an acre of grapes currently growing including riesling, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and tempranillo.”

And not only does the property have event spaces and beautiful venues, but it includes all of the necessary equipment to remain fully operational.

The listing says, “The property offers the highest quality wine production facility for winemakers and farmers looking to expand their production or break into a new AVA region, or for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs wanting to invest in a new business.”

That’s the best part — there are multiple streams of revenue that can come from this one vineyard.

Keep scrolling for photos of the Lindsay Creek Vineyards and Velma Morrison’s $4.9M Estate in Boise 👇

This Beautiful Idaho Winery & Vineyard Costs Less Than Homes for Sale in Boise

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When Velma Morrison's estate sold in 2017, the new owners said they wanted to renovate the inside of it. We wrote about the sale shortly after it happened and you can see some of the old photos of the home HERE!

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