Does anyone else find convenience fees a tad...inconvenient?

My checking account sure does. The things is, the more time I spend at work and outside of the house, the less time I have to prep meals, chop produce, and eat like a normal human being.
I try to do the right thing when I'm roving the aisles at Albertsons. My phone is out scanning for deals like a Police K-9 sniffing an '08 Kia Rio for pot. But 20 minutes into every shopping trip, I'm just a girl standing in front of the prepared food section, filling my cart with meals I could make myself but don't.

My supermarket sweep days have come to a devastating end. 

Is my scheduled packed tighter than my skinny jeans on Thanksgiving? Yes. Have I spent the last two years figuring out a new job in a new industry amid a dramatic shift in my family dynamic? Also, yes.
But after two years of living la vida Kardashian in the boujie section of the freezer aisle, it's time to dust off my kitchen range and start making my meals from scratch again. And that's okay. I'm okay...

Groceries are expensive. 

It doesn't matter if you live in sunny California or Boise's rocky foothills, there's no denying that convenience comes at a higher cost at the grocery store. The underlying issue is whether or not you can afford it month-to-month. Most of us are over-spending on the items in the gallery below. Are you?

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14 Bumper Stickers Californians Should Remove From Their Cars Right Now

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Southern California Goodwill Stores Will Not Accept These 45 Items

Below are 45 of the items that the Goodwill donation sites that are part of Goodwill of Southern California cannot accept as a donation.

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