One Major League ballpark this year will sell sweet potato fries with powdered sugar, chopped pecans, and whipped cream on top, and they're drizzling it with chocolate sauce and Nutella. Just take our money right now. Concessions for the win!

If you have the chance to get to Seattle this spring or summer, the Mariners will have plenty of tempting food options waiting for you.  And not all of them are super fattening or artery-clogging.  They'll have a few healthy options, and dishes that cater to the vegan and vegetarian crowd, and that's refreshing since not every major league stadium brings that foodie awareness.

Ballpark Digest says some of the dishes at T-Mobile Park in Seattle this year will range from a Caribbean Roast Sandwich to roasted corn on the cob, to that new Grand Salami Sandwich, which is a tribute to the Mariners' late play-by-play announcer Dave Niehaus.  And for dessert, the Metropolitan Market Cookie will have two kinds of Belgian chocolate, toasted walnuts, and a sprinkle of fleur de sel to top it off, which is fancy French salt.  This is the ballpark for foodies!

Now, if we eat a chicken strip that weighs two pounds, is that an automatic 2-pound weight gain? It might be fun to find out.  The Texas Rangers are making headlines for their Fowl Pole offering, and that's described as a 2-pound hand battered chicken tender that's fried and served on a bed of crisp waffle fries with Ranch and Honey Mustard dipping sauce.  That sounds like a sharable.  So there's more room for dessert.

The New York Yankees will offer some wild concessions too.  They'll have avocado bites that are deep-fried and served with a habanero sauce.  The Chicago White Sox are the ones that will serve up the aforementioned sweet potato fries topped with powdered sugar and Nutella.  And the Milwaukee Brewers will showcase cheese with the Wisconsin Ultimate Cheese Fry, and that's a mix of twister fries and fried cheese curds topped with more cheese and bacon.  Oh, and if you want a piece of meat that's longer than your torso, the LA Dodgers will be selling a 16.5-inch jalapeno cheddar sausage topped with grilled onions, roasted corn, and avocado relish, and sour cream.  This is why there isn't much crowd noise in baseball.  Our mouths are full.

Do you ever wonder if the players can smell the food?  There's so much of it cooking during the game, I would think the scent finds its way at least to first base.  But let's hope the Mariners don't get too distracted by all of us fans stuffing our faces with Grand Salami Sandwiches, and that they can concentrate on the games this season.  All 162 of them.

The Mariners host the Red Sox today on Opening Day, and if we can't be in Seattle for the game, we should totally open up some chips and dip in the Treasure Valley and chase that with some Nutella.  This will be a good season for so many reasons.

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