Every NFL stadium has the standard hot dogs and nachos.

But when it comes to the signature dishes and the really outrageous, off-the wall choices at the stadiums, who wins? Seahawks fans will appreciate this!

The Seahawks are at the Carolina Panthers this weekend in the NFL playoffs, and if you're one of the lucky fans traveling to the game, take your appetite!

Just in time for the playoff game in Charlotte, the Panthers unveiled an enormous new fifteen dollar cheeseburger that might set you back about three days' worth of calories.  It's a 6 ounce beef patty with a load of shredded pork on top, and then melted cheese is piled on top of that with bacon and french fried onions all smashed between buns.  Three meats!  It will take Carolina fans so long to polish this thing off, they won't have much time to yell and cheer and be noisy. That could work to the Seahawks' advantage.

Seattle is so much healthier.  If you've been to a Seahawks home game, you know they're serving up things like salmon BLTs, Szechuan noodles, and gluten free hot dogs. Seattle fans might be appalled by that three-meat heart attack burger in Charlotte!  Can you find the junk food in Seattle too? Of course.  But the worst of it seems to be about half the calories of those crazy concoctions in Carolina.

So the Seahawks win!  When it comes to food anyway.  Game time is Sunday at 11am on Fox.

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