It's 2021 with everything expected to right back to normal. I think that was more wishful thinking because we're still seeing things cancel including the Grammy's and Gowen Field Air Show.

Both of the annual events were canceled this week and the coronavirus still running out of control. Boise Hawk Baseball? Looks like we have a season with a local.....

The Boise Hawks announced back in December to join the Major League Baseball Partner Pioneer Baseball League. This will be made up of 8 teams as of now and the Hawks want to keep the local vibe alive.

The Hawks will celebrate the 7th year of giving back gloves during the winter months. I love this promotion because your giving and receiving which makes everyone happy. You almost get to teach your kids a lesson while thanking them with free baseball tickets. Here's how it works.

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Donate a pair of gloves and take home a complimentary ticket to opening night this year. You have until Friday, Feb 12 to drop off your winter gloves. Gloves can be received at the front office of the Boise Hawks, Monday through Friday.

Let's raise a glass to get through this pandemic with save baseball games this Summer. I would love to have this moment with my son who hasn't seen a Boise State Football game or Boise Hawk Baseball game. This is my little bucket list thing to do with the kids. I remember growing up in Houston and my dad taking me to see the Houston Oilers. I remember him buying me the ugliest baby blue cowboy hat for the game and a Luv ya blue theme song.

We couldn't really afford a ton of expensive game systems as a kid but I had a baseball glove. I would go outside and play catch with myself for hours. I would love to share that smell of a baseball game and the hard smack when the baseball hits the bat. I love baseball.

Go Hawks!


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