With no winner Saturday night, the Powerball jackpot has rolled over again and they're estimating it will be around $310 million for tonight's drawing.  Is one Boise convenience store luckier than all the rest?

The Idaho Lottery points out that Gina Cameron recently won $50,012 playing Powerball, and she bought her ticket at Stinker Stores #083 in Boise (6300 N. Eagle Road).  Is that now the luckiest spot to buy a ticket?  Or...is it the spot to avoid because luck surely won't strike twice in the same place?  Hmm.  Something to debate at the office today as you send the designated ticket buyer out for another run.

It's not the big multi-million dollar jackpot, but if a million bucks came knocking on our doors we probably wouldn't turn that away.  We could buy all the Tamarack weekends we wanted with that.  You can win $1 million in Powerball if you match 5 of 5 numbers. That $50,000 Powerball prize for matching 4 of 5 numbers with the Powerball would be okay too.

Powerball players across the country won over $16 million in smaller prizes with Saturday night's drawing. Holy smokes.  Thousands of people scored $200 for either matching 4 of 5 numbers, or for having 3 of 5 numbers and the Powerball with the Power Play.  And then there were those that won $7 or $14, which probably went right back into tonight's drawing, right?  Or into Girl Scout cookies.

Maybe lottery wins in Idaho are just dumb luck.  I choose to believe Idaho produces winners because we are awesome.  And positive thinking will bring more wins, right? Good luck to you and that office pool, and may it be a trust-building experience as you give that designated office ticket-buyer the wad of cash to go out and get the tickets.

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