This annoying hobby apparently is going on everywhere in the country, including here in the Treasure Valley...are your kids doing it? I'm talking about water bottle flipping! Here's how it works:

The way it works is you take a water bottle that's about 1/3 full and try to flip it in the air and have it land on its base. I know...dumb! But, I have kids and their friends that do this constantly.

I kept hearing it while he was in his bedroom and couldn't figure out what the repeated "thud" sound was. I mentioned this to another friend with kids and other parents noticed their kids doing it too--but didn't know why. A schoolteacher friends said her students are always getting into trouble for flipping water bottles in class and at the lunch tables.

One middle school has had to resort to giving out detentions to curb the bottle flipping trend.

Are your kids doing this?  How do you handle it?