Did you hear the news that Amazon.com may start boxing up items and getting them ready to ship to us before we even order them? How does it know what we want?

The company says it will use past orders to figure out what we might want to order next, and it's possible if we hover over an item for an extended period of time while we're shopping, amazon might go ahead and get it ready to ship to us, and send it only if we actually order it. Wow! The goal is to cut down on shipping and delivery times.

This is totally awesome, and kinda scary too. What's stopping us from hovering over a Chia Pet for a long time just to mess with them? The internet is fun and weird and helpful and mind-blowing sometimes. Before this bit of news, I didn't know Amazon was watching me hover.

Now if only they could just make the music I order go straight to my phone within a split second. Oh wait, they can! Maybe they'll also start delivering tangible packages through that Amazon Cloud Player. It is a digital world we live in after all.