Halloween is right around the corner and Moms and Dads are helping the kids get their costumes ready for a night out of collecting candy and treats. Some of the costumes I've seen so far for this year are a tad over the top. This one though takes the cake. What do you think? Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian Klan are all over the news because of the recent so called "Robbery in Paris". Whether the event really happened or not now there is a Kim K Robbery Heist Costume that you can purchase.

Kim Kardashian Robbery
Credit: Costumeish.com

The site is Costumeish.com and the Kim K Heist Costume can be yours for $69.99. Not cool in my opinion. What do you think.Is this appropriate to get for your Halloween Costume or not. Take the poll. It's sparked a conversation on the New Mix Morning Show w Mike & Nicole and we and hear from you.

insider.FoxNews.com also did a story covering the new costume. Take a look at what they had to say. - JD

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