I have been contemplating getting this done but was wondering if it was worth it.

Have you or someone you known got microblading done, if so was it worth it? Microblading is basically tattoos on the eyebrows that aren't permanent, so a semi permanent tattoo. This creates the look of fuller brows.

Prices vary on these things too but I am more concerned with how it has actually worked for people. Was the healing an issue and how long did it last for you? I have read the most important product after getting it done is sunscreen.

I don't want to tint and fill in my eyebrows any longer. I am hoping this is a good solution but with things like this it is a good idea to gather some first hand knowledge. idaho doesn't have regulations on microblading that I know. You can also have tattooed on eyebrows but microblading is more permanent then tinting but less then an actual tattoo.


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