We are so lucky to live here in the wide open spaces of Idaho, that we get to see something most people who live in Urban areas never get to see..the true brilliance of the night sky...and here in Idaho it's truly brilliant

I can remember coming home after I'd left for college one Christmas to our little house out in the country..I came home after midnight mass and remember looking up and seeing something that I had always taken for granted and that was just how amazing the Idaho sky looks when you get away from all the pollution and bright lights of the big city...or any city for that matter.

To truly appreciate how amazing our Idaho sky really is you need to get far away from city lights...like my parents ranch in the middle of no where in central Idaho and then just look up.  I can still remember how breath taking it was and asking my mom if it always looked like this...or just because it was so cold out.  Nope...it always looked just like that...I just didn't notice while I lived there, but now that I lived in the city, I never see it any more.

Take a look at this time lapse video then plan to do yourself a favor...get out of town away from the lights and take your kids along with you one night this summer....like at the top of Bogus basin, where you not only will get to see the pretty Treasure Valley below, but the amazingly brilliant stars above


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