This is a devastating statistic.. 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Once these hero's come home from service it can be a hard adjusting to life out side of the daily routines. The hardest question is how can we change this! 

While the struggles will continue for our Service Men & Women states side and over seas I wanted to find at least some way to show my support. Raising awareness and getting the word out about Veteran and Active Duty suicide is one of the goals of the #22KillChallenge or the #22PushUpChallenge. I was challenged by one of our own Ryan French who is an active duty service member. I whole heartedly accepted and got my son Jaden in on it. I will be challenging others through out the next 22 days. If you want to join in please do. Film the video of you doing the 22 push ups and post it on your Facebook page. Use the hashtags #22PushUPChallenge and #Mix106radio and #Boise.

To learn more about the struggle many vets go through when they come home, here are a few sites I found that really opened my eyes! - JD