Are you getting tired of all the people who are moving to the Treasure Valley…want to get away from it all…maybe retire to a quiet and quaint village to live out a peaceful and inexpensive life…and even get paid to do it….I have the answer….



Or rather, Bormido, Italy has the answer. According to USA Today, the town of Bormido is offering 2000 euro (around $2200) to move to their town…that’s not all, rent for an apartment is only about $60


a month and only about !30 per month for larger homes that can house larger families.

Why is a pretty little town like this offering so much to move?  Because the town is dying. The population has been slowly but steadily declining for the past 60 years.

Keep in mind the pace will be relaxed and slow, the nearest city of any size is Genoa about 50 miles away. The current population is around 390 people. There are four restaurants a church and a small grocery store with in the town

You probably won’t be able to spend the money all at once because there isn’t a lot to do, but for someone who may want to get away from it all here in Idaho…here’s a chance to get away and make some money at the same time….

Click on the video below for all your info and details about making money by moving to Beautiful Bormido, Italy


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