A gynecologist in New York teamed up with a music service to create the perfect playlist for giving birth.  They're called "push playlists," and they've become pretty popular. Here are the top 15 songs for giving birth

70% of women listen to music to get through labor.

This list is supposedly the best one, because it was crafted to somehow sync with the stages of labor, beginning with mellow stuff, and going from there.  There are 30 songs all together . . . here's a sample, in order.

1.  "Just Breathe", Pearl Jam

2.  "Let It Go", James Bay

3.  "Don't Leave Me", Regina Spektor

4.  "Ho Hey", The Lumineers

5.  "Fruits of My Labor", Lucinda Williams

6.  "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)", John Lennon

7.  "Don't Panic", Coldplay

8.  "Your Protector", Fleet Foxes

9.  "Maps", Yeah Yeah Yeahs

10.  "Try", Pink

11.  "Under Pressure", Queen and David Bowie

12.  "With or Without You", U2

13.  "Wake Up", Arcade Fire

14.  "Naked as We Came", Iron & Wine

15.  "Unaccompanied Cello Suite #1", Johann Sebastian Bach with Yo-Yo Ma


(If you have Spotify, you can grab the playlist with this link.)


I'm assuming that the absence of "Push it by Salt-n-Peppa and "Push" by Matchbox Twenty was just an oversight, because correct me if I'm wrong, pushing seems to be a major requirement for women in labor.  I don't know for sure because, well, I'm a guy and I've never been in labor before.  But since they aren't on the list, here they are anyway


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