This might be the sleaziest phone scam ever. If you get a call from a phone solicitor and they ask if you can hear them, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES answer that question with a yes or anything in the affirmative because it could cost you big time.


If you answer yes the phone solicitors are recording your response and even though you never purchase what they are selling, they send it to you anyway and bill you. When you deny that you’ve made the purchase they are able to prove that you said yes to their request. You didn’t say yes, but they recorded your call and manipulated the recording to make it sound like you did.

In addition, if you are asked to press a button to be placed on the “Do Not Call Registry” just hang up the phone. Saying anything or pressing buttons when prompted helps the scam artists identify that you indeed are a real person and have an active phone number.

Remember that no government agency will ever solicit for the Do Not Call Registry.

If you receive one of these calls write down the phone number of those callers violating the Do Not Call Registry and file a scam report with BBB Scam Tracker and the FTC's Do Not Call List.


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