There's something weird happening in the atmosphere that started this week and lasts into June.

And if you break up with your boyfriend in the next few days you can totally blame it.

This is a real thing for astrology followers, and it can make your kids go nuts and it can throw a wrench right into the otherwise smooth gears of your relationship because misunderstandings and misconceptions run rampant.

Mercury Retrograde started May 18th and it lasts until June 11th.  It can make communication with your spouse all out of whack, and makes you feel misunderstood and cloudy.  Does it apply at work too, with the boss?  Probably!

The Huffington Post says there are some "Dos and Don'ts" in relationships right now because of Mercury Retrograde.  Like don't get married!  I know, I know.  The wedding is planned for Memorial Day weekend and the guests are on their way.  I would go ahead and go through with it too.  Mercury be danged.

5 Dos During Mercury Retrograde no matter if you're single or coupled up:

  • 1

    Do Reassert Your Vows and Commitment

    You're re-celebrating an event that was positive, so it can only turn out for the best.

  • 2

    Do show compassion and forgiveness

    Retrograde is the perfect time to send flowers to an ex to make peace, or so the experts say.

  • 3

    Do take time to sit down with your partner and resolve your differences

    Get it all out in the open!  Leave nothing to assumption or guessing.

  • 4

    Do revisit the old haunt where you used to meet people

    The excitement can come alive again in an old relationship, or add a new spark to your current dating life.

  • 5

    Do call that woman (or man) you dated months (or years) ago you were sure was "the one," but wasn't.

    Maybe the timing was off back then and it's right now.  It's worth a try, and Mercury might be on your side this time.

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