Most of this information has either leaked or been floating around through the press and/or social media already but we wanted to make sure to hold off on posting this information until we knew that the Boise Police Department had enough time to contact family members and those close to this family beforehand so that they could handle this tragedy with as much sensitivity as possible.

The entire Treasure Valley has been in mourning over the car engulfed in flames at the Walmart on the 8300 block of West Overland Road in Boise which took the life of 4-year-old Alliee Nicole Rose who is survived by her younger brother Lane, older brother Isaeha, and her mother and father.  While the details of exactly what happened are still not clear it is believed that Alliee along with her mother and younger brother Lane were sleeping in the car with a portable heater that ultimately caused the fire.  Lane and his mother made it to safety but Alliee didn't make it.

This information is merely to inform not to pass judgement, gossip or blame.  Whatever happened, it's about as tragic as you can get.  This is one of our families and they're hurting in ways that none of us can possibly imagine.  Alliee's grandmother called in to The Rick and Carly in the morning show last week and couldn't hardly speak she was so distraught.  She just wanted people to think and pray for them which is exactly what we're doing.

A GoFundMe page with a short obituary and statement from the family has been set up in Alliee's honor.  You can find that page HERE.

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