A few weeks ago I turned to the wise folks of the Treasure Valley to guide me in buying a second vehicle for my household. I was pleasantly overwhelmed with so many suggestions! In the end I chose Fairly Reliable Bob's. A few people DM'd me with the recommendation and my husband's colleague co-signed explaining he is a very satisfied long time customer.

We headed over on a Saturday with kids in tow to see about the car. Immediately we were welcomed and got the process started on seeing what would work best for our family and budget. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or pressured. There wasn't any over the top cheesy sales schtick. Just calm, friendly, and very direct. If there's one thing I hate it's beating around the bush with decisions that need firm and clear action, so this was great.

Without getting too detailed about my credit (it's not perfect), we were going to need to get creative to find a desirable car that wouldn't leave us with an astronomical monthly payment. Let me tell you, they worked some magic for us. Not only is my payment wildly low with an attractive interest rate, but I got a car I absolutely LOVE. An SUV I've affectionately named Cecile.

A few pen strokes later we were driving off the lot with smiles across our faces and assurance that we made the right decision. I'd also like to mention the staff's impressive patience with my crazy toddler who was basically a Tasmanian devil the whole time.

Then this week I received a cutie congratulatory card in the mail from our salesman, Butch. I am a SUCKER for a card. And I know every customer must get one, but it was a sweet finishing touch that made me feel somehow more at home in this town. There was enough personalization that I'm pretending he remembers us for real. 10/10 I recommend Fairly Reliable Bob's!


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