A chocolatier who was named by Forbes in 2014 as the "Real Life Willy Wonka," has created quite the patriotic box of chocolates. Each State is represented in the "Taste of America" chocolate collection with it's own unique flavor.


For example, the piece of chocolate modeled after California is flavored with Napa Valley red wine. The Texas chocolate is flavored with Dr. Pepper and the Florida chocolate will remind you of Key Lime. The Real Life Willy Wonka kept Idaho on brand representing the Gem State with a "roasted sweet potato" flavored chocolate. I am VERY curious as to what this would actually taste like!

Phillip Ashley Rix, aka the "Real Life Willy Wonka," told Fox News, "My dad was a history teacher and so I was always a fan of it and have seen a good portion of the country. Dealing with such a diverse audience as I do in my business, I often wondered, what does this country taste like? This collection in many ways shares my encounters with the people, places, food, drinks and experiences across this country."

He added: "This is my way of showing that while we, the people, may have a number of differences, depicted in the various flavor profiles; in the end, we are very much alike and in this box (country) together. It is simply my artistic expression and viewpoint of America in the world today through a chocolate lens

There will be a limited initial release of only 250 boxes for July by the the chocolate company, Phillip Ashley Chocolates. Each box currently retails for a whopping $177.60! Yepp, that's about $3.50 per chocolate. I'll just use my imagine and try to guess what a roasted sweet potato piece of chocolate tastes like.

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