This should make us all feel good today. Did you know that Idaho is one of the most charitable states in America? That's fantastic! Bad news? Neither Ada or Canyon County made the list. 

Credit: jackaldu, Thhinkstock
Credit: jackaldu, Thinkstock

According to, Idaho is ranked third in the U.S.when it comes to charitable donations.. Idaho, believe it or not is repeatedly named one of the top charitable states year after year. Based on some of the charities that we’ve help raise money for, it’s not a surprise to me. Every August we raise money for the Idaho Food Bank's Backpack buddy program. We've helped raise over a quarter of a million dollars since we started our Mix Cares for Kids Backpack Buddy program 5 years ago.

Researchers speculate that Idaho’s generosity is based on our state’s low average income. I know, that seems to be contradictory doesn’t it?  But, research continually shows that states that earn the least actually give the most back to their communities.

Records show Idahoans gave 4.2% of their adjusted gross incomes to charity, which translates into $915,916,000 meaning that the average household in Idaho gives around $4,000 to charity every year. Pretty astounding isn't it?

But which Idaho counties are the most generous? Here are the top 5 most giving counties in Idaho

5. Cassia

4. Jefferson

3. Oneida

2. Franklin

1. Madison

Check out the top ten giving counties below....(Spoiler Alert, Ada County didn't make the top 10)

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