I'm not a big fan of bugs of any kind...but these bugs that are found here in Idaho scare the be-jeezes out of me.  What about you?

Spring is here, which means for the next 6 months we are in prime bug season here in Idaho.

Super scary bugs and arachnids of every size, shape, appetite and jumping ability are out and about in Idaho right now…some, I’m sure are even actively hunting me or my pets

The thing to remember as you watch the video or click on the link to see the pictures, that as hideous and scary as some of these Idaho bugs are, they aren’t all bad….as a matter of fact some are actually good. (Just remember to tell yourself that as it comes right at you)

There are some however, like the Assassin bug which you see in the video that are not cute, cuddly and you definitely wouldn’t want to run into one unarmed…their bites are extremely painful

Just beware and heed this warning while scrolling through the pictures. I guarantee you will find some or a bunch, that will have your skin crawling.  Just remember before clicking on the link and watching the video, you have been warned!


If these Idaho bugs don't freak you out...check out this video of bugs from around the world that really exist....EWWWWWWW!

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