In another eight years or so, Idaho is expected to have a population of about two million people.  See which age group will be behind the big charge.

The Idaho Labor Department is thinking that the state's population will reach 1.9 million by 2025, which is an increase of about fifteen percent and puts us at a growth rate that's three times that of other states.

It's probably because the Treasure Valley keeps making the "best of" lists of greatness!  Boise is one of the best biking town's, Big Jud's has one of the best burgers in America, and Idaho is one of the best places to retire.  And speaking of retirees...

The over 65 age group is going to be leading the charge as the Idaho population swells.  KTVB says the youth population will grow more slowly, and not as many families with kids will move here.  Retirees could make up about a third of the state's population in 2025.

The 1.4 percent per year growth rate is triple national growth rate.

Yay us?  More people moving in would be good for the economy, but it also means, well, there are more people standing in line at the grocery store and sitting in front of us in traffic.

The Greenbelt probably won't mind.

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