In case you haven't noticed, Meridian is quite the boom town. Nampa & Boise's 10 year growth numbers are wildly impressive, too!

Look, we all see the signs that our community here in the Treasure Valley is growing; heavier traffic, longer lines, people, people and more people. But what about the actual statistics? released some amazing statistics, not just about Idaho and the Treasure Valley cities, but about Americans in general. Over the past ten years since the last census, Americans in general, are living longer. We have more retirement-aged people alive now than at any point in history. "America is an aging nation". In addition to people living longer, fewer people are having babies and when they are, they aren't having them as young.

As people have become more and more able to work from home, populations of major U.S. cities seem to be declining while smaller areas like ours seem to be growing quite quickly in population. Meridian for example, has grown by 56.51% over the last ten years, Nampa by 25.85% and Boise by 9.63 percent. This is massive growth in a community this size and it's no wonder our infrastructure has had trouble keeping up. Karcher construction zone? Attribute that to the major growth in Nampa. Eagle Road's insane traffic? Meridian is bursting at the seams and Boise is the most crowded it's ever been with the growth that's happened. That said, this is the evolution of our world and sometimes it's nice to meet new neighbors with different stories and backgrounds. Welcome to Idaho!

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