Did you know Idaho is loaded with some truly haunted locals. Yes some Idaho views are truly haunting, but I'm talking about actual ghosts, apparitions and inexplicable things that go bump in the night. Have you been scared at any of these haunted Idaho spots?

Credit: The Speakeasy, YouTube https://youtu.be/2d3etO0nbyg
Credit: The Speakeasy, YouTube

A few of these spots are right here in the Treasure Valley or at least a short drive away.

We all are well aware of the Old Idaho State Penitentiary.  I've been here a few times and while I've never personally seen anything, I can attest that I've felt some strange presence or have felt areas that were colder than others as I walked the grounds. This place is especially creepy if you visit at night.

Lake Lowell in Canyon County apparently has a ghostly apparition that can be seen sitting and staring out at the lake. It's allegedly the spirit of a woman who drowned in the 1970s while water skiing. Locals say that when you try to approach her, she disappears into a mist.

If you love haunted places and visiting ghosts and strange apparitions, why not take the Idaho Haunted road trip.

I love the stories but I do not like visiting any haunted places.

What Idaho locations have you visited that you believe are haunted or maybe you have first hand knowledge of a haunting that you can share.


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