Do you have deep emotional scars from bad Halloween candy you got as a kid?  It sounds crazy, but I'll never forget when I sat down after trick-or-treating, and sucked the juice out of a wax pop about yucky...but not as yucky as then chewing up the wax bottle afterwards.

Last week, I shared, Idaho's Favorite Halloween Candy..which in my opinion is the worst Halloween Candy...OK, maybe second worst, because, I kind of agree with this list's #1 choice. But do you notice, that Idaho's favorite candy also makes the list of top ten worst Halloween candies? How about you, what do you think is the worst Halloween candy ever? put together a list of the worst Halloween candy to get when you're trick-or-treating.  It's totally subjective, but it's hard to argue with a lot of their picks.  Here are the top 10 . . .

  1. Necco Wafers.
  2. Smarties.  That's two "chalk-y" items in the top two spots.
  3. Candy buttons.
  4. Candy corn.
  5. Brach's Pumpkins.  Those are the little pumpkin versions of candy corn.
  6. Dum Dums lollipops.
  7. Tootsie Rolls.
  8. Hot Tamales.
  9. Laffy Taffy, specifically the banana flavor.
  10. Twizzlers.


…time to share…what do you think is worse than those?

Here's mine.....Popcorn balls…home made cookies…..a stick of gum…that's right, not a pack of gum, just one singe stick...and it was Dentyne so it was a teeny tiny stick.

Meanwhile take a look at some of the creepiest and grossest Halloween candy of all time...

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