Looks like I'll be moving, because the best Halloween candy in Idaho is, in my opinion the absolute worst candy ever invented. It's not even pumpkin flavored.

Credit: candystore.com
Credit: candystore.com

How does this happen? Just a few years ago, Butterfingers was Idaho's favorite...which are delicious by the way, so what the hell happened?. One can only blame Donald Trump...orange hair, orange candy, you do the math, but I'm not having any of it.

Candystore.com, just ranked each state’s most popular Halloween candy, as well as the 2nd and third place favorites for each state. Idaho's list of winners are #1 candy Corn followed by Starburst and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Why couldn't we be more like Kansas, with Reese's, M&M's and Double Bubble, bubble gum? Those are three candies/gum that any kid...or adult could love.

Come on Idaho, we can do better, but we have to begin right now with making smarter choices for our Halloween candy this year. Let's move Candy Corn out of the top ten forever.

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