While the kids are out of school and I have family in town, I've been looking for things to do that won't take us around a ton of people, but that will keep the kids entertained and this is the perfect thing. (As long as we don't all go at once!)

Cleo's Ferry Museum and Nature Trail in Melba takes you on a mile long magical walk. Along the way you'll see birdhouses, whimsical statues, and signs proclaiming hope and positivity.

The ferry museum and nature trail were developed bay the Swayne family. Some of the members are even buried on the property.

There is also a very distinct ode to Christianity, including a replica of Christ's tomb on the property.

One of my favorite spots is the "fairy trail" that takes you down into a forest like area with bent trees and a bubbling pond.

It's the perfect little day trip or field trip for the kids that will lift your spirits and get you outside if you are starting to get cabin fever.

One of the best parts about Cleo's Ferry Museum, it doesn't cost a dime. There is a box for donations at the front, but you don't have to pay anything.

Unless it comes to us all being quarantined in our homes, this is definitely a trip worth taking while life seems a little bit slower.



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