One of Idaho’s most haunted and scariest locations is located within a short drive from Boise, just outside of Twin Falls. The Haunted Mansions of Albion were investigated by Ghost Adventures and will air on the Travel Channel this weekend.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The Haunted Mansions of Albion are a group of abandon buildings that once was a school for future educators. Many people who have visited are convinced that it is indeed haunted. And every year at Halloween the Haunted Mansions of Albion is turned into a scary Halloween Haunted house, complete with actors dressed up in costume.

Some of those actors, after working for the first time in the attraction have asked to be reassigned to other places in the buildings, because of a scary or uncomfortable things that have happened to them. Others have actually quit rather than come back.

Earlier this year the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures made a trip to Albion to film an episode and investigate the grounds to determine if they were truly haunted.  That episode is going to air this weekend on the Travel Channel.

During the visit in August the crew claims to have experienced dark energy that affected its staff. They also claim that during lock down some of the crew was ‘marked with strange symbols behind their ears. (Holy Shnickies Scoob, like what was that?).

You can see the entire show synopsis on the Ghost Adventures official website. 

The "Albion Normal Schoo"’ episode of Ghost Adventures airs this Saturday, November 4th at 7pm Mt. and again on Sunday November 5th at 10am Mt. on Travel Channel. Check your local listings for actual times in your area. If you don’t have cable or satellite, the Travel Channel also streams content to most of the popular streaming services, so you can search for it and stream it.

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