Almost a three hour drive from Boise, this haunted attraction is one of the Gem State's favorite places to travel each October...mainly because, many believe that the campus is haunted whether or not the cast/crew are there!

Which haunt am I talking about? The Haunted Mansions of Albion at 437 E North St in Albion. The haunted attraction pops up every October at what used to be the Albion Normal School.  According to Southern Idaho Tourism, the school operated under the state from 1893-1951.  It remained empty until 1957 when Magic Valley Christian College leased the campus.  The school was only there for twelve years.  While the official reason behind the school closing its doors was a lack of financial support, others suspected there may be something supernatural playing a factor.

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According to Southern Idaho Living, the campus remained sealed and closed to the public until the Mortensen family from Boise bought it. They've taken pride in cleaning it up and showing the public the historic buildings but have chosen to leave Comish Hall, the women's dormitory, untouched. Comish Hall attracts paranormal investigators from all over the world because some areas are of it so "supernaturally charged."  Some believe that its because the school's former cook haunts the basement. There's also been reports of eerie voices and ghostly animals in the building. It's included as one of the available haunted attractions each October along with the Clown House, Creature House, School of Chaos and Old Steam Plant.

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The haunt re-opens for the 2021 season this Thursday, September 30. Like they did last season, the Haunted Mansions of Albion will sell a limited number of tickets each evening they're open and spread guests by using a timed entry system.  Many evenings will sell-out so plan on buying your tickets ahead of time. In the event there are tickets remaining, they'll be marked up by $5 at the ticket booth. They're open Thursday-Saturday through October 30.

Should you start to experience COVID-19 symptoms or are otherwise not able to attend during the time slot that you choose, the Haunted Mansions of Albion will issue refunds up to 48 hours before your reserved time.

Want a preview of what you're in for? Zak and the crew from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures toured Comish Hall a few years back. During that episode, Jay and several others experienced strange markings behind their ears during the visit. That episode re-airs on Travel Channel this Friday, October 1 at 3 p.m.

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