While most of the United States prefer their eggs scrambled, Idahoans go against the grain. We're a little easier...

Zippia released their list of ever state's FAVORITE type of eggs and here in Idaho, our preferences are a little bit different! The most common preferred method of preparing eggs in the great United States of America is scrambled, and I guess that makes sense. It's like the easiest thing, ever, to cook. Many states prefer their eggs sunny side up but here in Idaho, we're over easy. Personally, I like an over medium egg on its own, on a breakfast sandwich, or even on a burger. Shout out to Grant's Neighborhood Grill in Meridian for putting an egg on my burger and making it extra tasty!

Now, I say I like an over easy or an over medium egg, but that's actually a pretty recent development; in the last twelve months or so. All of my life I was a scrambled eggs guy, and truly had perfected making them. I whisk the eggs, I add butter, a little bit of milk to make them fluffy and a small amount of shredded cheese, and it's something that even kids can make! Clearly, since being in Idaho my tastes have matured and I've moved on the to the more refined taste of an over easy or over medium egg. You know who puts together a great breakfast sandwich with an over easy egg? Even Stevens in downtown Boise. You have to check them out! Enjoy your eggs however you like, Idaho!

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