Perfect for eating indoor or outdoor in the Idaho spring, Grant's meticulously planned menu in this unsuspecting location may just be one of the best in the valley.

Some of the best food I've had in the Treasure Valley is right down the street from my house at Grant's Neighborhood Grill, right on the corner of Cherry and Linder in Meridian. In the Southwest corner of that intersection, you'll notice a gas station, a Domino's pizza, a few businesses and a small neighborhood grill in the corner. Venture back to that corner, because I assure you, it'll be worth it.

The menu doesn't have a thousand items on it; in fact, it's relatively small. But what it lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up in quality. The french fries? Likely the best I've had in Meridian, which is a tall order in an area known for its potatoes. I enjoyed the fish and chips which I love, but tend to judge harshly and I'd put these up against any fish and chips anywhere. Delicious, golden brown and perfect batter to fish ratio, which is often where fish and chips fall apart.

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My wife had a club sandwich and as we sat outside on this beautiful spring Friday, and the sun glistened on the perfectly cooked bacon that was perfectly larger than the bread that held it all together.

Cold drinks, the tastiest food, kindest wait staff and the best ambience. What more could you ask for in a neighborhood grill that's right there in your neighborhood? Try out Grant's, when you get a chance!

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