Craving a trip to the happiest place on earth? Disneyland has announced visitors from outside of California will be welcomed beginning June 15th!

Pack your bags and don't forget your sunscreen and mouse ears... It's time for Disney, baby! Plus, how much will a post pandemic trip to Disneyland cost you? We explain!

So, as you might expect, now that Disneyland is open to non-Californians for the first time in well over a year, the demand is pretty high so now, not only do you need to purchase tickets, but you need to make reservations ahead of time. And while Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure will be open to the general public beginning June 15th, staying at the Disneyland hotel won't be an option until after July 2nd. However, that's not a long time to wait!

Time to start making your plans, but what will that cost you in 2021, post pandemic? Well, whether you'd like to drive, fly, take a bus or a train, we've calculated what it'll cost for a family of four to head to Disneyland this summer (okay, being totally honest, we only calculated the cost to drive or fly but all the extra flare seemed appropriate since we are, afterall, talking about a trip to DISNEYLAND! Anyway, read up on how much that's going to cost you here.

Then, head over to Disneyland's official website to make your reservations, book your tickets and get ready to make your way back to the happiest place on earth... You've earned it!

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