Congratulations to Idaho native Miles Daisher for bringing back the world record of most base jumps in a 24 hour period back to Idaho where it wasn't easy.

Sixty one base jumps in a twenty four hour time span… that was the record previously held by a Denver Colorado man. But when you come from Twin Falls, Idaho, home to arguably the most famous base jumping bridges in the world and you’re a professional base jumper, you have to know that world record belongs in Twin Falls to an Idaho resident… and a base jumper named Miles Daisher, this week, took it upon himself to bring the world record Back to Idaho, where it belongs.

Now this is not an easy record…sure base jumping by itself is as easy as…well as easy as falling off a bridge, but this is a human powered, unassisted base jumping record, so after each of his 64 jumps, Miles had to climb back up the face of Snake River Canyon and then bike back to his jumping spot and jump all over again……64 times. The climbing by the way is the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest in one day...but without the snow and the cold.  It makes me exhausted to even type that sentence.

Daisher had a crew of 30 helping to pack parachutes and check on his safety throughout the event.

Miles who lives in Twin Falls, is a member of the Red Bull Air Force base jumpers. He’d held a previous record of 57 human powered base jumps he set in 2005, until it was broken with 61 jumps this past September. Daisher has BASE jumped more than 4,500 times in his life.

According to the Magic Valley News, Daisher’s world record also helped a good cause too, as it was also a fundraiser for the Magic Valley Trails Enhancement Committee, which has plans to connect the Canyon Rim Trail from Federation Road to Shoshone Falls.

After completing the first 62 jumps, Daisher said that he was starting to feel the pain. (Seriously…it took 62 jumps before the pain started to set in?)

I hope for Mile’s sake that nobody is crazy enough to go for 65…because I’m sure his new world record will take a little time to recover from…anyway, from all of Idaho, congratulations on your new world record and thanks for bringing it home again.



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