When was the last time you played tourist in your own state? We went for a drive this weekend just to get out and breathe some fresh air and man, is this state gorgeous!

So with the quarantine and everything, I've felt pretty trapped in the house and I'm kind of mad I didn't take the time to do this sooner. You see, I moved here in January, everything shut down in March, so I never really got a chance to explore.

This past weekend, me and my fiance decided to go for a drive and see where the roads take us. We stopped in Glenn's Ferry and saw some awesome Oregon Trail history and found where we'd like to camp next.


Then we continued East on I-84 when OUT OF NOWHERE, in the middle of the desert, this beautiful bridge over the snake river appeared so we stopped and had lunch overlooking the  bridge and the river.


Then we headed to Shoshone falls and my god, what a beauty. The sounds, the smells, the outdoors, it was like we finally were experiencing LIFE again. Shoshone falls is a short two hour drive from Boise and a must do if you haven't ever, or if it's been a while!


Here are some tips for
self-care during the pandemic:

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