We're guilty of checking our phones during work or keeping an extra web tab open for our beloved Facebook timeline. We all do it and it's time to accept our flaws, people.

So, if we're going to waste time at work, why not do it in style? Why not relive the most significant era of entertainment while you power through the work day? Since you're keeping an extra tab open anyways, you may as well dive down the rabbit hole and enjoy the 90s classic that is 'The Oregon Trail.'

It's the game that laid the foundation for everything we know to be true about the year 1848 and the grueling journey our ancestors made for a better life. The game puts the player as the leader of a wagon full of people who all have hopes to make it to Oregon's Willamette Valley from Independence, Missouri.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The trip today according to Google Maps would be about a 28-hour or so drive with highways and paved roads... oh, and vehicles, that's a thing they didn't have back then either. You begin by selecting your profession (a banker from Boston, a carpenter from Ohio, or a farmer from Illinois) along with your supplies before beginning the grueling trip that takes a lot longer than the 28-hour drive it would be today.

Here's a look at what to expect when you fire the game up and how to play from your desk at work.

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Time to Play 'The Oregon Trail'

You can play the classic here thanks to Archive.org and it appears that the site has other nostalgic software to rummage through. This find, however, is among the best and a definitive way to make the workday go a little bit faster.

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