As it turns out, each state has an odd but common thing that people search on Google, and for Idaho, it's "how to vape", which is pretty mild compared to our friends in New Mexico.

Zippia has a whole map dedicated to showing the most embarrassing, but also very common things that each state searches for. Yes, for Idaho, it's "how to vape", which seems like a simple process but I'm a 34 year old guy and I don't vape so what do I know?

Our neighbors to the west over in Washington are pretty basic in that their embarrassing common search is for "live laugh love". I find it endearing that in Texas they're frequently searching the age old question, "does my dog love me?" and as a person who has googled this before, the answer is yes, so rest easy, Texas. In Kentucky, there are a lot of people who are concerned that their house may actually be haunted as they literally ask, "is my house haunted?". In Florida however, they already know their houses are haunted (makes sense, it is Florida) so they simply google, "how to get rid of a ghost". Colorado has a great interest in mumble rap while Nebraska worries about their smelly feet.

But perhaps the weirdest on this whole list goes to our friends in New Mexico, who embarrassingly, but very commonly, search google for "Justin Bieber nudes." New Mexico gets the title of "weirdest" but most embarrassing overall goes to Pennsylvania where they frequently search for "Nickelback concert." Yikes!

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