There's a lot of things that come to mind when I think of my home state, but creepy ghost towns isn't one of them. I'm not big on the scary stuff and, honestly, had no idea there were so many strange, abandoned ghost towns here in Idaho.

If you've got a love for the supernatural or are just looking for a good scare, according to, you can check out these 8 Idaho ghost towns if you dare. The great news is that many of the locations are either in the Treasure Valley or just a short drive away

  1. Wickahoney - Located in Owhyee County, this town was once a popular stagecoach stop on the way to Nevada. It's mostly crumbling buildings these days, but you can still see some of the lost town's ghostly footprint.
  2. Burke - The towering structures that still stand here give this town an ominous feel. Before it was abandoned, Burke was an extremely violent town with deadly fights constantly happening between miners and the mining companies.
  3. Gilmore - Gilmore is located in Lemhi County and was abandoned almost a century ago during the Great Depression.
  4. Leesburg - Once a gold mining town and home to over 7,000 Idahoans, Leesburg was mostly comprised of Civil War soldiers who made their way out West. (Thus the Name Leesburg)  Even though an estimated 40 million dollars in gold was found during the towns lifespan, not much remains of the town other than a few creepy structures.
  5. De Lamar - This is another that's within driving distance to the Treasure Valley, located near the Oregon/Idaho border, this town only saw prosperity for two years. It was established in 1888, but began to decline in 1890. Though long gone, several buildings are still standing.
  6. Bonanza - Bonanza is probably one of Idaho's most well known ghost towns. It's open to the public and lots of the original structures remain as well as the supposedly haunted cemetery. (Triple dog dare you to go there at night)
  7. Custer - Neighbor to Bonanza, the town of Custer has been largely restored and is a great chance to visit Idaho's mining history.
  8. Placerville - Placerville is still home to a handful of people, but nowhere near the 3,000 that originally inhabited there. It's located north of Boise so it's also a relatively quick trip for history buffs or ghost town hunters.

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