A pair of ospreys found their old home in a new place last week when an Idaho Power crew moved it several blocks from a busy area of State Street in Boise to reduce potential conflicts with people and power. It was a moved a few poles down, closer to the Boise river, and the birds were on the new nesting site by the next day.

It was necessary to move the nest due to safety concerns. When they build their nests, it can get messy, which led to some sticks getting into the electrical equipment. Customers had reached out to Idaho Power in search of a solution, the company said.

Idaho Power frequently relocates birds in an attempt to reduce contact between birds of prey and power equipment for the safety of the birds and integrity of the power system. Idaho Power has hundreds of nesting platforms in place.

They receive a lot of calls from customers who love to watch these birds. They love to see it right in their neighborhood, so they were concerned they were going to miss out on them.

Even though I have a ridiculous fear of birds, I love watching them from afar with my kids. We don't live too far from the new nest and drive past it everyday. Sometimes when we take walks, we will see them fly to and from the perch with their sticks. It's very exciting for the kids to watch. If you enjoy bird watching, take a drive to the new nest on Ulmer off of State Street.

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