It is frustrating that the state of Idaho is considered one of the worst states for women as a whole and here is more data to prove that.

WalletHub did a study on states that are best and worst for working moms. They say that 70% of moms with young children have to work now. I am still trying to figure out why Idaho is overall poor for women wanting to work or improve their careers, but it is also a harder state for working moms.

Idaho ranked at number 48 in the bottom 5 as the worst states for working moms. Even more alarming was the ranking as the absolute worst in the state for day-care. The female to male executive ratio is very poor in Idaho as well. All of these factors and more contribute to the poor data that has been compiled on Idaho and mothers in the workforce.

It's hard for me because I have strong feelings about this, as we are trying to tip the scales and shift the social status of women in the workforce Idaho has a long ways to go. That is clear, and what can we do about it? That' something I am serious about finding out. It takes us standing together for something to change.

Source: WalletHub

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