If you're not a fan of out-of-towners making their way into the Treasure Valley, you may not love this new major article showing Idaho as one of the best places to move.

There seems to be a trend of people fleeing from big cities and going to smaller, suburban or even rural communities now that working from home has become a bit more normalized. Based on a variety of factors, CNBC shared a list of the top ten best states to move to if you work from home. You guessed it, Idaho cracked the top ten, at number six. Here's why: "Idaho has the nation’s hottest housing market, which can hurt affordability but will help your investment pay off faster. Costs are low and the grid is reliable, but the state’s broadband systems need some attention."

Look at some of the factors, specifically if the goal is to move somewhere and work from home:

Broadband access: 70.3%

Home price appreciation: 21.08%

Effective tax rate: 9.6%

2021 Top States for Business rank: No. 16

Broadband access is part of the equation; such a modern way to look at potential places to move your family, right? Sparklight, people are counting on you... Let's keep it fast! Now we're in a top ten best places to live when quality of life isn't even a factor, which is a bit surprising. Add that, and would we be the best place in the country to work remotely? I'm not sure, but don't expect the Treasure Valley growth to slow down any time soon!

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