Attention Meth users...if you recently bought meth in Idaho, Montana or Washington the Police Department wants you to bring in your meth to get it tested for the Zika Virus.

Polson Police Department Facebook Page
Polson Police Department Facebook Page

Yep...your meth may be infected with the Zika if that's worse than actually using meth...well unless you're pregnant...then you don't want your meth infected with Zika, because it could cause some serious side effects for your unborn baby...wait what?

Burley Idaho used to be known as the meth capital of the world, because of the high use of meth in that city.  Idaho  in general has a high rate of meth use sadly, so maybe when meth users find out that their meth might be infected with Zika they will stop using....or hopefully they are dumb enough to fall for this scam by the Police Department and bring in their stash to get tested....we can only hope, so that one of these idiots makes it on Mike and Nicole's "Idiots in the News"

The Police Department even says that if the Meth is found safe they will return it...yeah, right....why don't you pull on my other leg a while, this one's long enough already...

And if you don't think anybody would be dumb enough to fall for this, in Texas a few years ago the San Antonio Police Department did a similar scam to have people bring their drugs in to have them tested for Ebola...and people actually did fall for it.

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