When it comes to small towns, every state boasts at least one scenic mountain town, one pretty lake town, and one quirky small town destination, but only one can take the top spot as the absolute teeniest! House Beautiful came up with the least-populated small towns in the U.S. For Idaho's ours only has three residents. But it is surrounded by a whole lot of beauty.

According to Wikipedia, Warm River, Idaho is a city in Fremont County, and is part of the Rexburg, Idaho Micropolitan Statistical Area. Warm River was incorporated in the 1940s in order to bring the small resort community in compliance with state law restricting liquor licenses to only incorporated municipalities. There are only a few houses in the area and no families are registered as residents. Just a few individuals who love the peace and quiet and gorgeous nature that surrounds them.

Recreation.gov highlights the outdoor recreation available saying, Warm River Campground is located on its namesake in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest of southwestern Idaho. Visitors love the campground for its river tubing opportunities. Fishing and hiking are popular as well. Click here if you want to look more into camping in this pristine and stunning area in eastern Idaho.
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