Would you believe that Colorado is more educated than Idaho?  Apparently, it's true.  But we are smarter than Nevada, so there's that.

WalletHub analyzed all 50 states to come up with the Most and Least Educated States, and Idaho ranked 36th.

They recorded how many adults have a high school diploma or a college degree, and they looked at the quality of education, including local high school graduation rates, math and reading test scores, and racial and gender gaps in getting an education.

The Most Educated States:

1.  Massachusetts
2.  Maryland
3.  Colorado
4.  Vermont
5.  Connecticut
6.  Virginia
7.  Washington
8.  New Hampshire
9.  New Jersey
10. Minnesota

The least educated states:

1.  Mississippi
2.  West Virginia
3.  Louisiana
4.  Arkansas
5.  Alabama
6.  Kentucky
7.  South Carolina
8.  Nevada
9.  New Mexico
10.  Tennessee

Idaho is not a great place to get a quality education, according to Wallethub.  We ranked 45th for the quality of education, which takes into account graduation rates, test scores, and the number of blue ribbon schools.  We're well below average there.

But Idaho ranked 30th for educational attainment, which included the number of adults with professional degrees, or at least Bachelor's degrees, and those things carried more weight in the final rankings so it gave us a little boost.

We're not going to stress out about this because we know Idaho ain't dumb. We'll just work to improve on things a smidge and we'll all continue to live happily ever after, right?

Do smart devices count on the smart charts? We've got plenty of those!

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