52-year-old Victor Woods stands accused of filming his girlfriend's young daughter while she was in the shower. 

The young girl says Woods asked her to take a shower and when she got out she noticed a phone propped up on the counter. When she turned the phone over she noticed it was recording. She then deleted the video. The girl says her Mom's boyfriend has acted inappropriately before by sliding his arm against her breast after hugging her.

According to an article on idahonews..com,  Idaho State Police were able to retrieve the shower video through an icloud account. He told police he had been playing a video game and accidentally left the phone on the counter in the bathroom.

After searching Mr. Woods' bedroom, he has been charged with video voyeurism, possession of child pornography, sexual abuse of a child by making a photographic or electronic recording of a minor, and destruction of evidence.

No word yet on what kind of time he is facing if convicted.

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