California, Connecticut, and Illinois have trouble with this word too.  It's a common word, but there is another one just like it that's just one letter off, and that trips us up regularly enough that we have to ask Google for help.

And if we don't get it right, it might change our perception of what happens at one recreational spot in Mountain Home.

The Desert Canyon Golf Course in Mountain Home probably hopes we spell "Desert" correctly.  If we add that tricky second "s," it becomes "Dessert" can golfers might assume they'll get popsicles or brownies along the course route.

Google Trends says Massachusetts has trouble spelling "Massachusetts," so apparently living there does not help.  Our neighbors in Montana are tripped up by "vacuum," and Arizona has trouble with "diarrhea."  So to speak.

Spell check misses the error for Idahoans, because both "desert" and "dessert" are words, and the error comes if they're used in the wrong context. It's not easy, this spelling and grammar stuff.

But at least we can spell Massachusetts.  And diarrhea.  Good for us!


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