Many native Idahoans might not like this statement but I'm just gonna throw it out there. I LOVE that fact that our City and our Great State is growing. Okay..are you okay..hearing that can make a lot of people upset. Honestly, though it has been so cool to see how much bigger Idaho is getting. Numbers do not lie, and thanks to U-Haul Idaho is in the top 10 for growth this year. 

GrowthCities PRNewswire Jan 23

U-Haul recently announced that it was releasing a list of the Top 25 Growth Cities. The qualifications to make the list depended on population size, economic growth, and migration trends. Amond the top cities Pheonix, Brunswick Maine, and Spokane WA. Idaho just seems to just have so much to offer and hat calculates to the big time ranking of number 7 in the top 25. U-Haul in Idaho saw a 51 percent increase in one-way rentals coming into the state rather than leaving in 2016. That compared to only about 6% leaving the Gem State with a one-way destination. What can we say...Idaho is a great place to live, and now the rest of the country is slowing but surely figuring it. Welcome Home Everybody. - JD

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