Hunting is a way of life in Idaho. The majority of hunters understand and respect the laws of the land when it comes to the hunting season. Now though the Idaho Fish and Game are investigating a potential breaking of those laws and need your help.

Our news partners KTVB posted a picture on their website which looks like a clear violation of the poaching law saying that it is illegal to hunt chukar after the season.

In the photo, Idaho Fish and Game have said that it looks like what appears to be a cleaned out chukar. The man and women who have yet to be identified are seen walking around with the animal 46 days after the season ended. The photo in question was taken on March 18th in the Boise River Wildlife Management Area and IDFG needs your help identify the individuals. Not only was the animal a violation of the hunting season the area in which they were photoed walking on was closed for the season to protect the big game animals on the range.

If you can identify these two please get in touch with the Idaho Fish and Game at 1-800-632-5999.
As always if you see a violation of the hunting laws and want to report a poacher visit their website at 

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