These creatures make us mad. They're annoying, leave their poop everywhere, and can stop traffic on busy roads; sometimes, these aggravating birds even attack us. They're known as Canadian Geese, visit us yearly and leave many of us angry at their actions. Despite our impulses, thankfully for the geese, most of us have never acted on those impulses.

Boise's Notorious Geese

We would like to thank our good friends over at "Geese of Boise State" for allowing us to get the word out about the notorious geese here in the Treasure Valley. While these geese may look innocent, they're slowing taking over our cities and everybody knows it. Who let these geese in and why do they think that they can be the boss of us? Something must be done. Here are some glimpses at what you can expect to see of these geese on Boise State's Campus and around Boise as a whole.

We have exclusive goose video footage below, as well.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Sadly, someone decided to run over several adult geese and their nonflying goslings. The crime took place in Bloomington in Bear Lake County. In addition to the geese run over in three separate locations, Idaho Fish and Game reported that some of their heads were removed and taken from the scene.

Kolby White/Idaho Fish and Game
Kolby White/Idaho Fish and Game


This crime against the geese is unthinkable. Why would anyone target the geese and their goslings in three separate areas? Idaho Fish and Game are seeking your help finding those responsible for these crimes against wildlife.

Kolby White/Idaho Fish and Game
Kolby White/Idaho Fish and Game

If anyone has information that might be helpful with this investigation, please contact Senior Conservation Officer Kolby White in Montpelier at 208-204-3921 or the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999. Callers can remain anonymous and rewards are available to those with information that leads to an arrest.

Water Fowl Birds on the Boise River

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